December 2020 Word of the Month

December 2020

As we approach the Christmas Season and the New Year, we have come through an unprecedented year like I have never seen in my lifetime and I’m sure you can probably say the same. As we prepare for the New Year, I had the Lord speak me to me and tell me we are already in the New Year, and the enemy is pulling out all stops, and has launched an all out attack against those of us who are sold out for the Kingdom of God. But the good news is “We Still Win!”

The Lord reminded me that we are engaged in a spiritual battle and the Church is trying to fight this battle in flesh. As Believers, we must realize that we are in a battle. Too many Christians have a hard time understanding and comprehending that there is a real fight going on between the Christian and Satanic forces. The reason being that we have an invisible enemy.

Nevertheless, Satan and his demonic cohorts and still just as real! You and I are in a fight against the Devil and his demonic spirits, and it’s a fight of faith, or a faith fight. Paul said that our weapons are not carnal or made out of physical material. But our weapons are spiritual, therefore our battle or fight is a spiritual fight. But so many Christians are “Carnal Christians” and that’s why they are losing the battle, because even if they do realize they’re in a fight, they’re trying to fight it in the flesh and not in the spirit, therefore they will never become victorious. We cannot defeat the enemy in our own strength, but we must do it in God’s Strength (Ephesians 6:10).

In 2 Corinthians 10:3-4, the Apostle Paul said, “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.” Satan’s plan is to close down the Church of Jesus Christ and stop the Word of God from being spoken across the country and around the world.

This is why it is so important for the Body of Christ to stand up and engage in this battle like never before. No more pew warming and spouting off traditional rhetoric but begin to proclaim that we will not be defeated! There is an unseen world called the “spirit world” and it’s more real than this physical world we can see. Therefore, this fight must take place in the spirit world and not in this natural, physical three-dimensional that we can see with the natural eye.

There are several spiritual weapons we can use in this fight, and I want to give them to you right now.

#1 Praying in the Spirt—praying with other tongues

#2 Reading and Studying the Word of God

#3 Praying, Speaking and Confessing the Word of God

Reading a verse here and there, praying prayers filled with doubt and unbelief, and going to Church when you feel like will no longer work. God’s Army must be militant and enter this faith fight with all confidence in God’s Word. God has made Promises to us and now it’s time to believe those Promises and act upon them. It’s time for God’s people to hit their knees and pray in the Spirit so that our faith will become sight!

The Prophet Daniel gives us some insight. In Daniel chapter 10, Daniel had prayed, and the Angel of the Lord told him that his prayer had been heard and answered twenty-one days prior to his coming to Daniel. He went on to tell Daniel that the “prince of the kingdom of Persia” withstood him, and the Archangel Michael came to help him.

As we continue to pray in the Spirit, we are giving our Ministering Spirits (Angels) the spiritual fuel they need to bring the answers to our prayers to pass. Too many Christians don’t see the answer right away and they’re ready to give up, cave in and quit, when things don’t happen as quick as they want. They need to realize they are in this spiritual fight and it is won in the spirit and not in the flesh!

Regardless what may come we still win, so keep fighting the “good fight of faith.” As always, I want to encourage you to stay in faith, stay in prayer, stay in the Word; and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and remember “God loves you; we love you and JESUS IS LORD!

In the Service of Our King,

Darrell G. Harrelson