Oasis of Faith Christian Center

Mission Statement

  1. Teaching and training people in the Word of God so they are empowered to walk in maturity and kingdom authority.
  2. Establishing and building a community of like-minded faith-filled believers who are producing after their kind by bringing the lost into the saving knowledge and power of Jesus Christ. It is also our desire to build a strong sense of families, emphasizing the importance of teaching FAITH to our children, understanding they are our future.
  3. OOFCC’s commitment is to raise up through training and information, the type of qualities within each individual member to bring out their potential talents and abilities that are beneficial to themselves and those around them. It is our desire to see everyone fulfilled in their life as a productive contributing member to society.
  4. OOFCC is committed to training and developing leadership skills within those who are contributing their time, money and effort to bringing the vision of OOFCC to fulfillment. Our leaders will be well equipped with the Word of God that will enable them to do all things through the anointing of Jesus Christ.
  5. OOFCC will develop within each leader skills and tools that not only prepare them to lead in the Body life ministry, but lead in the community or wherever we can prepare them for promotion or success.
  6. Our focus is revealing the love of God and His benefits for all humanity, teaching that within His benefits each member is to experience an abundance of wisdom, physical well-being and financial prosperity.

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